BookPeople Faces the Nation with Bob Schieffer

As a graduate of TCU’s Schieffer School of Journalism, I know a lot about Bob Schieffer.  Chances are you do too.  He’s been on CBS News for over 45 years, won 6 Emmy Awards, won a Broadcaster of the Year Award, hosted the CBS Evening News before Katie Couric and has hosted Face the Nation since 1991.  One of the most respected broadcast journalists ever, Schieffer has even been asked to moderate this year’s third Presidential debate.

BookPeople is hosting Bob Schieffer at St. Edwards University this Friday 9/19 at 7PM.  Called “A Conversation with Bob Schieffer,” St. Ed’s professor Marilyn Schultz will be talking with him throughout the night.  Topics sure to come up are: the current race to the White House, old school journalism, Dan Rather’s unique colloquialisms (ok, maybe not), and Schieffer’s latest book entitled Bob Schieffer’s America.

Tickets for the event are on sale now at BookPeople.  Tickets are $10 general admission, or $30 that includes a copy of his new book.  He will be doing a signing after the event.

I personally am very excited to meet this legendary newsman.  As someone who was forced to study the good and bad people and practices found in reporting, I always looked up to Schieffer and his solid moral and ethical compass.  I hope to see you at the event!

Posted by alisonkn

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