What do YOU recommend?

Last night I was talking to my aunt & cousin (two of my very favorite people on earth) about nothing in particular when the subject of books came up. Okay, it didn’t just come up, I brought it up. Which is something I love to do in general, but especially when I am reading something I cannot stop thinking about. So, we discussed the books that we had recently read & loved, and even some from years ago that we still could not push out of our minds. And wouldn’t you know it, shock of all shocks, they both brought to light many books that I had never heard of. Sure, sure, there are plenty of titles out there that will forever escape me, but these were books that garnered HIGH praise from people that I love & whose opinions I greatly respect.

Now, I may not know you well enough to love you, but I definitely respect your opinion. And more than anything, I LOVE hearing about books that other people love! You know, the books that you recommend to anyone who will stay still long enough. The books that make it to your “favorite list,” even before you’ve made it to the last page. The books that shake you & change you and make you want to share all that shaking & changing with everyone you meet. If you know what I’m talking about, the next time you are in BookPeople ask a bookperson for a nifty Community Selection card. Much like our Staff Selection cards, these are made for YOU to share YOUR thoughts on the books YOU think everyone should read & why. Be creative or be concise (just don’t be profane) & get your voice heard NOW.

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4 thoughts on “What do YOU recommend?

  1. Ohmygosh! I’m so excited about this!

    Which reminds me…I always love the staff recommendations and would love to see a digital version of them so I could search for a certain genre/author/topic/etc. Have you considered posting them on your site somewhere?

  2. yes!

    we are actually working on that very thing RIGHT NOW. as you may already know, we have installed a computer on the first floor for customers to use to search for books (and we have plans to put one on the second floor soon!). the search engine we use for that computer does have most of our Staff Selections uploaded onto it, and that is the the search engine we hope to make permanent on our website (once we get all the kinks worked out!).

    thanks so much for the comment & i can’t wait to see your selection cards!!

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