Staff Reviews: Cassie recommends….

Why aren’t you reading this book?

Okay, I understand that you may have been busy these past 3 months–jet-setting to exotic countries, taming wild horses, and learning how to perfectly apply liquid eyeliner.  But now that you have a moment, I need you to get down to BookPeople & buy this book.  Pronto!  ASAP!

While you were piddling away your time, Janelle Brown came out with her debut novel, All We Ever Wanted Was Everything; it is stunning.  I will break it down for you:

Here’s the story of a mother and her two daughters, each finding a way through a tough spot. Sounds like a concoction for the perfect bad chick lit novel, right? You are so wrong. While this book may be a breeze to read, its depth and wit greatly surpass any beach novel. Incredibly humorous and occasionally painful (in that, “Oh my God, I have so been there,” kind of way), Brown’s writing is clever, concise and charming. The characters are so enthralling I instantly became addicted, sneaking off to read during work and staying up way past my bedtime. Her words truly became so alive to me that when I reflect back on when I read it, the vivid images come floating into my mind as if from a movie.

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