Get ready for Fall!

I always get a little nostalgic during this time of year. I think it’s because I see new backpacks, boxes of crayons and other back-to-school necessities, and I have no need for them. The end of August and beginning of Fall was always a time of excitement for me, because I loved school. Yes, I was a nerd. Obviously. But that sense of anticipation, of looking forward to new things, I still have it.

This time of year at BookPeople has its own sense of anticipation and excitement. Fall is the big “Book Season.” Tons of books come out, and most of the big name authors tour now. Which, for me, is pretty awesome and definitely something to get excited about. And, well, I might go buy a 64 pack of Crayolas too, just for the heck of it.

To give you something to look forward to in the Fall, here are some of the authors heading to BookPeople in the upcoming months. Mark your calendars!

And that is only a third of the events we have on our schedule! Can you see why I’m full of anticipation?! I’ll be putting up more in-depth information as we get closer, but this little taste of what’s to come should get you excited. I mean, c’mon! Art Spiegelman! Marcia Brady!

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One thought on “Get ready for Fall!

  1. I stumbled upon your blog while reading up on Paolini. It’s exciting to see this blog on here. Keep up the good work. I’ll be sure to link it to my teacher blog.


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