Book Review: ‘Lamb’ by Bonnie Nadzam

Book: Lamb by Bonnie Nadzam Reviewed by:  Nolan You'd be hard pressed to find a review for Bonnie Nadzam's debut novel(la) that doesn't draw comparrisons to Lolita.  And judging from the premise, it's not unusual.  Middle age David Lamb's minorly successful life seems to be falling apart.  Meanwhile he befriends 11-year-old girl, Tommie, and in … Continue reading Book Review: ‘Lamb’ by Bonnie Nadzam

What We’re Reading This Week

________________________________________ Stephanya Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain "I just finished re-reading this last night.  I'm on an Anthony Bourdain kick.  He's just so dreamy.  The first time I read his stuff, he completely revolutionized how I felt about food and eating and what that can mean.  He's like the Hunter S. Thompson of food writing.  … Continue reading What We’re Reading This Week