May the Fourth Be With You!

If you’re a BookPeople regular, you might have walked in on our conversations about Star Wars before.
Yes, we were talking about Episode VII for months before it came out…yes we were (mostly) devastated when they decided the Star Wars literary universe was no longer canon…yes still we went to the opening night of The Force Awakens and Rogue One…and yes, we’ve been waiting with bated breath for the latest trailers. In the meantime though, we’re going to celebrate May 4th by talking about our all-time favorite Star Wars books—canon and legend!

Star Wars has spanned four decades—our parents shared it with us and now one of our favorite things to do is share our love with the new generation! Thankfully, we’ve got a bundle of great books with which to educate the younglings!

Rey helped some Stormtroopers pick out books for the little ones back home: The Imperial Handbook, How to Spot a Jedi, &  I Am A Stormtrooper Little Golden Book!


“The Star Wars Encyclopedias were my favorite as a kid and getting to meet the people who make ’em happen was a little bit of a dream come true moment.” —TK18008

Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia
by Adam Bray & Tricia Barr
The 501st Legion made our recent event for Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia so awesome —as you can see, we had a whole host of incredible characters came by! Even Stormtrooper TK18008 met authors Adam Bray and Tricia Barr.
Plus, we’ve still got signed copies, y’all!





The Star Wars Jedi Academy Series 
1-3 by Jeffrey Brown; 4 and 5 by Jarrett J. Krosoczka
“Sure to excite any Star Wars fan with a healthy sense of humor, this irreverent graphic novel follows a reluctant young student in his first year at Jedi Academy. Perfect for anyone who likes the franchise best when it’s not taking itself so seriously.” —Meghan




TheJediPathSMThe Jedi Path
by Lucasfilm, Daniel Wallace and Paul Allan Ballard
“The Star Wars universe has a wealth of fiction and non fiction that allows readers to enjoy the story through more than just the movies. It also has however, fictional non-fiction; in this case a training manual for young Jedi handed down from master to apprentice for generations. Inside is a wealth of information on force exercises, philosophy, and the seven accepted forms of lightsaber combat. Also full of commentary from some of our favorite Star Wars characters like young Qui-Gon, Yoda, and even Dooku and the Emperor, The Jedi Path is a fun and factual look into the life of a young Padawan in the old Jedi Temple.” —Thomas



Rebel Rising
by Beth Revis
We’ve been highly anticipating this new (canon!) YA novel about Jyn Erso’s upbringing with Saw Gerrera, and it finally came out last Tuesday!
“I’ve always been a huge Star Wars fan. Like every other little girl in the 80s I really wanted to be Princess Leia. She was, and always will be, the epitome of awesome! And while not everyone agrees, I found Rogue One to be this great piece of the puzzle that had been missing in the cinematic Star Wars Universe. But even though I loved the movie, as per usual as a Star Wars fan, I wanted more. My instant love of Jyn Erso needed fuel for its fires. Enter Rebel Rising. I could not be more excited for this book if I tried!
The start of the Rebellion. Saw Gerrera. And of course…more Jyn Erso. It doesn’t hurt that the book is by Beth Revis (author of the NYT Best-selling Across the Universe series), so it’s definitely going to rock my Teen Lit loving socks off! If you were even the slightest bit curious about the path that led Jyn Erso to being the reluctant insurgent who helped set the Rebellion on the path to taking down the Empire, then you’re definitely going to want to pick this book up. Perfect for teens, adults, Rebels, and Sith alike.”—Shannon



Bookseller Hillary was arrested by a stormtrooper for never reading a Star Wars book (and for conspiring with Rebels).

Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel
By James Luceno
“I’m going to be honest, guys — I’ve never read a Star Wars book. I’ve religiously watched all of the movies and played a number of the games, but I’ve never delved into all that the expanded universe has to offer. James Luceno’s Catalyst is about to change that. Given that I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that Rogue One might very well be my favorite Star Wars movie (and for good reason!), I believe the perfect place to start in my reading adventure is with the newly released paperback of the book that everyone was already so stoked for last year.SWPhasmaSM

Plus! I can’t wait for Phasma by Delilah S. Dawson coming in September!  I’ve loved Dawson’s work for awhile, and given her love for kick-ass female protagonists, I have no doubt that she’s going to give Phasma’s character the sort of detail and attention it deserves. Like many others, I was disappointed with the Captain’s lack of screentime in The Force Awakens, and I’m so excited to see her story explored—especially in the hands of Dawson!”—Hillary



Star Wars: Darth Vader
By Kieron Gillen
“Kieron Gillen (Phonogram, Wicked + Divine) is perhaps my favorite comic book writer working today (that tends to happen when you make the great Tony Wilson into a minor Marvel deity) so to say I was excited to hear that he was writing a Darth Vader comic is an understatement. And what a great comic it is! Taking place between Star Wars (I’m too old to call it New Hope) and The Empire Strikes Back, it is the story of how Darth Vader found out Luke was his son and the things he did to become The Emperor’s right hand man. Even better are the breakout characters that Gillen created such as the murder droids (a Mirror-Mirror version of R2D2 and C-3PO) and Doctor Aphra (the anti-Indiana Jones).
TL;DR: I don’t read much Star Wars expanded universe stuff but I make an exception for Kieron Gillen’s Darth Vader which is not just a good Star Wars comic but a good comic in general!” —Joe

And, even though some of our very favorite stories were relegated to the realm of legend, they will always hold a very special place in our hearts!

RevanSMRevan: Star Wars Legends (The Old Republic)
by Drew Karpyshyn
“Revan is one of my all-time favorite Star Wars novels because Knights Of The Old Republic was, hands-down, one of the very best Star Wars games that ever came out. Reading about Star Wars, and watching the movies kindled the love of that  “galaxy far away”, but KOTOR kept it burning. Not only was the game embedded in the Star Wars Universe,  it enabled you to be the Jedi (or the Sith!) that you always dreamed of. This book continues the story of Revan (an incredibly complex hero-villain who left Coruscant a Jedi and returned a Sith disciple with memory loss) something I very much needed to know.”— Mr.T



ThrawnTrilogyHeir to the Empire, The Last Command, and Dark Force Rising (aka The Thrawn Trilogy): Star Wars Legends
by Timothy Zahn
“Discovering Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy made me a Star Wars fan— I had early childhood memories of the original movies and stories of my parents waiting in lines around the block to watch them in the theater, I even watched the Prequels once— but reading about Mara Jade and Grand Admiral Thrawn is really what made me love the universe. Thrawn was an unparalleled evil genius who used ART to out-strategize his enemies (I will never not appreciate that), and Mara Jade was the most kick-ass anti-heroine in the SW universe at the time. Thankfully, the Grand Admiral is back in both Star Wars Rebels and Timothy Zahn’s new book Thrawn, but I’m probably going to mourn Mara Jade the rest of my life.” — Tomoko

Come by the store and tell us about your favorite books, bemoan the lives lost to the Legends, and talk Star Wars with us! May the Force be with you, Bookfriends!

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