New Books 1/24!

Kevin Wilson – Perfect Little World

When a child psychologist has the opportunity to craft a utopian community to study what happens when children are raised collectively without knowing who their biological parents are, things start well. But then resentments fester, tensions rise, and funding starts slipping away. Written with all the compassion and charm that put Wilson on the map with THE FAMILY FANG, PERFECT LITTLE WORLD is about the families we make on our own terms.


JP Delaney – The Girl Before 

Make a list of every possession you consider essential to your life. This is one of the requirements on a list of questions to rent a unique and exclusive apartment of which two women, now and before, have been tenants. Eerie parallels and kaleidoscopic duplicity and deceptions bring enthralling and psychological suspense to THE GIRL BEFORE.


Carlo Rovelli – Reality Is Not What It Seems

The second, highly anticipated book from Carlo Rovelli is out today! Raul, first floor IM and voracious reader has some thoughts:
“What is the fundamental nature of reality? Rovelli’s book asks us to take a new look at what we think we know. Highlighting the impact of loop quantum gravity theory, he takes some time to lay a solid foundation from the ancient Greek philosopher Democritus to Newton and Einstein, connecting the quantum mechanics of Bohr and Dirac, before describing the relationship between the various quantum systems that build reality. Some mind blowing observations: 1) That quantum systems only exist because of their reaction with one another and 2) That time and space cease to exist as we know them at the quantum level. But, as Rovelli explains so beautifully, such strange connections are not so far fetched; he provides definitive ideas about where the experimental branch of physics can use these uncanny ideas to find observable results. Daring and bold, this is the front line of theoretical physics interpreted for the layman in poetic terms, for there is really no prosaic way of explaining these ideas.”


Jakob Wegelius – The Murderer’s Ape 

This sharp, smart mystery is narrated from the perspective of Sally Jones, a literate gorilla under the care of Henry Koskela, a man she calls The Chief. After The Chief is wrongfully accused of murder, Sally takes on the role of exposing the truth and rescuing her friend. With spunk and ingenuity, the “Murderer’s Ape” follows in the footsteps of such gumshoes as Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys for an exciting, suspenseful read.


Ellen Hopkins – The You I’ve Never Known

A new novel in verse and prose from the author of CRANK, THE YOU I’VE NEVER KNOWN is the story of worlds colliding. Everything about her past comes into question when Arielle Pearson uncovers a startling truth: her mother didn’t abandon her. Her father kidnapped her. Join us Friday, FEB 3RD at 7PM for a night of sharp, personal YA fiction with Ellen Hopkins herself!



Melissa Fleming – A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea

After an overcrowded ship of Syrian refugees headed for Sweden shipwrecks in the middle of the frigid sea, a young woman hangs on desperately to a child’s water ring with two toddlers, entrusted to her by their drowning parents, clinging to her neck. This is the story of Doaa Al Zamel and her incredible, powerful spirit, as recounted by one of the world’s foremost advocates for refugees.


Daina Ramey Berry –  The Price for Their Pound of Flesh

Historian Daina Berry’s new book The Price for Their Pound of Flesh explores how enslaved people in the United States were judged as economic commodities and examines slaves’ perceived value from preconception to death. Berry’s analyses on how human beings became monetized will help inform how we think about slavery, reparations, and capitalism. Join us this Friday, JAN 27th at 7PM for an insightful discussion with the author!


Ashlee Vance – Elon Musk 

Veteran technology journalist Ashlee Vance offers an unprecedented look into the remarkable life and times of the most daring entrepreneur of our time. At a time when many American companies are more interested in chasing easy money than in taking bold risks, Elon Musk stands out as the only businessman with enough dynamism and vision to tackle and even revolutionize three industries at once.


Stephen Harrigan –  A Friend of Mr. Lincoln

Brand new in paperback today, A FRIEND OF MR LINCOLN depicts a galvanizing portrait of Abraham Lincoln during a crucially revealing period of his life, the early Springfield years, when he risked both his sanity and his ethical bearings as he searched for the great destiny he believed to be his. Historically accurate fiction, rich in character, and a revelatory and moving portrayal of Abraham Lincoln as a young man, this is the sort of vibrant glimpse beneath the veneer of history that only the very best fiction can provide.

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