Employee of the Month – Lojo!

Every month, our staff chooses one Employee of the Month to recognize for their outstanding work at the store. We thought we’d start sharing these questionnaires that are put on a display in the store with all of you so you can get to better know our booksellers. This month we recognized Melissa Lojo, a Master Bookseller and coordinator of the Employee of the Month program. Next time you come by the store, chat with her about what she’s reading!


Get to know Lojo in 12 Questions!

How long have you worked at BookPeople?
Almost a year and a half

What is your favorite thing about working here?
That would have to be my Bookfriends… we’re a family and I wouldn’t trade these weirdos for anything

What five fictional characters would you invite to a dinner party?
Sirius Black, Leslie Knope, Ponyboy Curtis, Pam Beasley, Samwise Gamgee

What is your favorite literary quote?
“Because all of us are made not only of what we have but of what we lost. And loss is not a subtraction. As an experience, it is an addition. Even when we lose a leg or arm, there’s not less of us but more. Human experience weights more than human tissue.”
-Augusten Burroughs

What is something that is guaranteed to make you laugh?
If I’m in a really awful mood and need a laugh I usually will watch episodes of The Office or Parks and Recreation.

Who’s the most exciting person you’ve met through BookPeople?
I have a tie. Pierce Brown, the author of the Red Rising trilogy, because that is one of my favorite series right now. And Jodi Picoult, because she is an author who reminded me that I loved writing when I was a lost teenager. They were both so kind, it was a dream.

What would be your first buy if you won the lottery?
Either a really fancy typewriter, or some land to build a cabin on in the Colorado mountains.

You have a time machine and one week to spend in any historical era. Where/when would you go?
I would love to be the age I am now, in the 70s. I don’t know exactly where I’d go… but somewhere rad, I assure you.

Imagine you are on death row, and about to be executed… what would you choose for your last meal?
Chicken Parmesan please.

What are you watching on Netflix right now?
Criminal Minds. Jessica Jones, finally. Malcolm in the Middle.

Who would you like to be cast as you in a movie about yourself?
Emma Watson

What was your favorite book as a child? What’s your favorite book in this very moment?
As a child, The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles by Julie Andrews. Currently it’s Three-Martini Lunch by Suzanne Rindell.

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