The BookKids Election is On!


2016-10-18 16.29.20-1.jpg

We all know that the presidential election is one of the biggest and most important events of the year. After all, whoever we elect will wield a lot of power, and this is a pretty tight race. The Big Storytime Chair must be filled, after all!

Our pollsters are currently monitoring a too-close-to-call competition between some truly witchy professors, a few pernicious puppeteers, two magnificent chefs, a couple of sea kings, and the most innovative young’uns you’ve ever seen. If you haven’t voted yet, Head on up to BookKids between now and November 6th to check out the official party posters and fill out your ballot!

In the running:

Image result for viola swamp    Image result for bellatrix lestrange

Miss Viola Swamp for Principal & Ms. Bellatrix Lestrange for Asst. Headmistress

Image result for darth paper Image result for dolores umbridge

Darth Paper for Puppet Master & Delores Umbridge for The Power Behind the Throne

Image result for rutabaga the adventure chef  Image result for mother bruce

Rutabaga the Adventure Chef for Executive Chef & Mother Bruce for Sous Chef

Image result for the blobfish book  Image result for rainbow fish

Blobfish for President & Rainbow Fish for Vice President

Image result for ada twist  Image result for iggy peck

Ada Twist, Scientist for President & Iggy Peck, Architect for Vice President

Come on in and vote for your favorite today in BookKids!

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