Statesman Selects Review: THE EYE OF THE MAMMOTH

“Through it all, Harrigan writes with ease, with a straightforward, friendly thoughtfulness that lures you in and makes you wonder how someone can be so nice, so modest, so self-deprecating at times, when it’s obvious that writing as concisely and clearly as he does is quite difficult. And, yes, the topics are usually related to Texas — or seen through a Texas prism. Lemann writes that Harrigan has given us “as good a picture as we have, not only of Texas during the past generation, but, more importantly, of what being a Texan has meant.” “

– The Austin American-Statesman’s Charles Ealey on The Eye of the Mammoth, Statesman Selects pick for April! Read his full review over on the Statesman website. We’re proud to partner with the Statesman each month to bring you one book you absolutely should not miss. If it’s a Statesman Selects title, you know it’s bound to be a good read.

Join us here at BookPeople Wednesday, April 10 at 7pm, when Harrigan reads from and signs his new collection of essays.


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