Nerding Out with Matthew’s Dad, Granny, and Terry Brooks

~post by Matthew

Knowing that Terry Brooks is a favorite of my father’s, I used an advanced copy of his new book Wards of Faerie (out now) as leverage to persuade him to buy Kate and I dinner recently. The food was great, but he maintains I got the short end of the deal. After reading the book in one sitting, he passed it on to my Grandmother who, being an expert in the whole of Terry Brooks bibliography, also read it in one sitting. Both said they loved it and that the new book, given it’s exposition on the history of Terry Brook’s fantasy world, was a great introduction to the Shannara series. However the exposition didn’t put them out as Terry Brooks fanatics due to Brook’s ingenious method of incorporating the history with the plot of the novel. Good news for sapling and full-grown fans of Terry Brooks! Here’s what they had to say…


“I was a latecomer to Terry Brooks, picking up his first book written in 1977 in the late 80’s when Dungeons and Dragons was the rage. I loved the depth of his characters and his ability to immerse his readers in a fantasy world both distant and familiar. Each year the author would produce a new chronicle, which would enrapture me, keeping me up at night until I had completed the last page. Running with the Demons exposed me to another story line, one that I may have liked even more than the Shannara series. As the author continued to write, I continued to realize that though they had different titles and characters, the stories seemed to be melding into a far reaching story line beyond the scope of any individual book or series. I shared the books with family and now three generations sit in expectation of the next production. I was excited when my son handed me the first of The Dark Legacy of Shannara series and read it in almost a single sitting.

The storyline is unique yet familiar. Tales of elf stones, druids (including Allanon) and conflicts between humans and…everyone abound. A young druid, searching through the Elvin histories, comes across a clue to the lost elf stones, elf stones so old that legend has forgotten their powers or abilities. What ensues is the search for the stones taking most of druids away from their home and into the unknown wilds. However, back at home, power hungry humans begin to plot against Paranor and its inhabitants resulting in a battle with a surprising combatant, the tower of Paranor itself.

This is a great book with rich characters and a great storyline. I am already salivating over the next in the series.”


“Terry Brooks did it again. I loved the book; it has it all, adventure, romance, politics and a love story. How can you go wrong?”

As for me, I’m excited to hear Terry Brooks speak at BookPeople Tomorrow August 28th at 7PM. With such solid recommendations of The Wards of Faerie: The Dark Legacy of Shannara it’s sure to be an amazing event!

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