Let’s Run Away and Join ‘The Night Circus’

~Post by Alison

Have you ever read a book that thoroughly transported you to another world? A world full of impossible things, where you could swear you can actually smell the caramel apples? That is the beauty found in The Night Circus.

When some staff members went to Book Expo of America in New York earlier this year, they came back talking about The Night Circus, the debut novel from Erin Morgenstern.  A scant few advanced copies were passed around the store, and I eagerly awaited my turn to delve into this mysterious new book.

I wasn’t let down.  The book centers around two very old magicians, each who practice (and teach) magic in completely different ways.  They enter their newest pupils into a long-standing contest, which determines the “best” way to do magic.

The two pupils, Celia and Marco, become contestants in this challenge without knowing what the rules are, how the score is determined, and what it will take to actually win.  All they know is that Le Cirque des Rêves (The Circus of Dreams) was set up specifically for them.

Le Cirque appears out of nowhere, opening at dusk and closing at dawn.  Filled with only white and black, the performances found inside seem impossible.  As, indeed, they are.  As the contest between Celia and Marco continues, each devises more outlandish and fantastical displays of magic than the next.

Erin Morgenstern’s writing is beautiful in its descriptions, transporting you into this Circus so that you will never want to leave.  I find myself imagining it still, wondering what it would be like to bite into a caramel apple and walk around the tents, peeking inside them all.

Enter The Night Circus, and prepare to enter a brand new world.

BookPeople will be hosting a magical evening with Erin Morgenstern on October 20, when we create our own BookPeople Night Circus, so mark your calendars!

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