BookPerson Nolan Makes Art, Throws a Party

BookPeople is a cool place to work for a lot of reasons.  There’s being on the front lines of all the new books that come out, meeting famous people when they swing through on book tour, and the fact that our primary job is to talk to people about books all day. But there’s also being able to talk to each other about books all day, and about the creative projects we’re involved in once we’ve clocked out. This place is FULL of writers and artists.

Case in point: our man Nolan.

If you read the BP blog, you’ll recognize Nolan from our ‘What We’re Reading This Week’ posts. (He happens to be around a lot on Monday mornings, when I’m looking for a bookseller to pose for the camera.)  In addition to being one of the biggest readers on staff (on a staff of tremendous readers), Nolan is also an accomplished artist.  Three of his paintings are currently up in the BookPeople Cafe:

The BP Cafe is throwing a closing reception for Nolan tomorrow night at 8p. There will be beer, some food, and plenty of BookPersons out to support our own. If you’re in the store, swing by to check out the art and meet the artist.  You can also keep up with Nolan’s work on his blog.

There are three things the average BookPerson excels at doing:  talking books, making art, and having parties. You’ve seen us do the first; tomorrow night, come see us take care of the other two.

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