What We’re Reading This Week

______________________________________________________________________________ Bosco The Rest is Noise by Alex Ross "I don't like classical music and this book is forcing me to reconsider my opinion.  So it's good.  It's not something I'd find compelling, but I do.  I'm reading this for the This Book Could Be Your Life book club meeting on July 17th."   ______________________________________________________________________________ … Continue reading What We’re Reading This Week

For Your Sunday Viewing: Jeff Abbott and ‘Adrenaline’

If you were here for MysteryPeople's event with Harlan Coben earlier this year, then you'll remember seeing Austin mystery novelist Jeff Abbott bantering with his buddy up at the podium. Jeff will be flying solo at the BP podium this Wedneday, June 29th, 7pm to talk about his new thriller, Adrenaline.  Jeff's a good friend … Continue reading For Your Sunday Viewing: Jeff Abbott and ‘Adrenaline’