What We’re Reading This Week

Clint - Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention by Manning Marable "This is a brilliantly researched study of one of the most iconic figures in twentieth century African American history.     ____________________________________________ Jenn - Enough About Love by Herve le Tellier "This starts off as a pretty typical love story about two couples, but … Continue reading What We’re Reading This Week

Release Party: Janice Hamrick, ‘Death On Tour’

Tomorrow at 12pm MysteryPeople, BookPeople's mystery-bookstore-within-a-bookstore, is hosting a big release party for Austin mystery novelist Janice Hamrick. Her debut novel, Death on Tour, won the 2010 Mystery Writers of America/St. Martin's First Crime Novel contest. Here's Scott, MysteryPeople's Crime Fiction Coordinator, talking about Death on Tour. Come on down tomorrow afternoon and join us … Continue reading Release Party: Janice Hamrick, ‘Death On Tour’

As the Book World Turns….

The big news this week is of course BEA, where the book world is spinning on its axis like a globe in the hands of a bookseller who just did his fifth shot of espresso on the closing shift.  The whoosh sounds something like this:  TheNightCircus-WetheAnimals-StateofWonder-GotheF*** toSleep-TheMarriagePlot. Here's what happened outside the Javits Center this … Continue reading As the Book World Turns….

BEA Bonus: Erin Morgenstern and ‘The Night Circus’

By all reports, the Big Book at this year's BEA was The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Our Adult Book Buyer, Elizabeth, who was lucky enough to meet Erin this week, recently read The Night Circus and had this to say about it: "Erin Morgenstern's debut is cinematic and intoxicating. Taking place in a magical … Continue reading BEA Bonus: Erin Morgenstern and ‘The Night Circus’