Barry’s Top 40

An impressive list from BookPeople's elder statesman, Barry Baker: I have spent the better part of the last 20 years as a professional book buyer (including used, rare, new and remainder titles). 10 of those years here at BookPeople. I was also a frequent visitor in the 70s to Grok Books on San Antonio Street (and Oat Willies at the front of the building). So I have a pretty fair idea of what constitutes a good read and what doesn't. Here are my personal picks of 40 "good reads" from the last 40 years (and all of them are still in print).

40 books for 40 years

Here's another top 40 list to celebrate our 40th Anniversary. This is from Alison Kothe-Nihlean, the very capable and lovely head of marketing and events at BookPeople: When trying to pick my 40 favorite books, instead of going with "literary merit" (although many of these are considered to have a lot of that), I went with the 40 books that made the biggest impression on my life. I split my list into two groups: the books that have moved me as an adult, and the ones I read as a child that made me who I am. In no particular order...

In honor of our 40th, Our Top 40

In honor of our 40th Anniversary (don't miss our celebration this Saturday!) we're asking our staff to submit their top 40 favorite books. Any genre, any author, good taste, bad taste, it doesn't matter. Just the top 40 books that matter to them, in order of importance. We'll be posting several of these, and our first comes from Brian Contine, a well known contributor to this blog.

Ben Folds/Nick Hornby ‘Lonely Avenue’ CONTEST

Good news for Ben Folds fans...or Nick Hornby fans...or just fans of cross-media collaborations: Alt piano-rocker/song-writer Ben Folds recently collaborated with veteran British novelist Nick Hornby on an album, Lonely Avenue, where Hornby wrote all the lyrics and Folds supplied the music. Wait...writers and musicians...together? How can that be? Luckily, here's a video that explains the whole thing:

The birth of MysteryPeople, our store within a store

In the last three years, BookPeople's mystery section has grown into something special. Our stock as well as our sales have increased-- especially with titles like Reed Farrel Coleman's Moe Prager series, and some you can't find at other stores. Mystery authors like CJ Box and Craig Johnson now make this store a stop on practically every book tour they have. We've attracted more fans of the genre, even from outside the city, to where it feels like we're becoming Austin's de facto mystery bookstore. So we've decided to make it official. On November 7th we're launching our own mystery bookstore within a bookstore, MysteryPeople.