It’s a woman’s world

According to Jason Pinter, in his illuminating article on The Huffington Post, women have taken over the publishing industry and have stopped publishing books for men. Men don’t read, he observes, because nobody is making good man-based books. Tragedy. The number one culprit in the phasing out of male readers is Random House and their women. In 2010 we’ll see new fiction from Julie Orringer, Jennifer Egan, and Aimee Bender. What’s a man to do when he walks into BookPeople and finds new works by these three phenomenally talented and interesting writers, but knows that he can’t read them? They’re written by women for goodness sakes!

A Different Kind of Publisher: Brian reviews Other Press

I’ve mentioned it here before, but it’s worth mentioning again: I judge books by their spine. Meaning, the company that publishes a title can tell me a lot about what I might find inside the book. Finding a new publisher is like finding a new friend. It’s awkward at first, there’s almost too much to learn about each other, but, in the end, the vagaries and missteps can lead to a lifelong partnership that you can’t imagine living without. I was recently introduced to Other Press by a friend of mine, and I’m quickly forming a strong attachment.

John Phillip Santos’ EMPIRE OF FIRE (Wed. 5/19)

I first spotted John Phillip Santos sitting in the lobby of a San Antonio hotel. I had no idea who he was, but his appearance made me take notice. Santos was dressed in a tuxedo shirt and jeans, wore freshly polished cowboy boots on his feet and had a tan blazer laid across his lap. He has a long mane of peppered gray hair, dark at the temples. I didn't know who he was yet, but he sure wasn't a tourist or business traveler. Santos definitely had an intriguing aura. As he sat in the wingback chair, looking lost in a deep stream of thought, I took another glance and headed to my meeting.

Austin Chonicle hosts Adult Spelling Bee on 5/20

So I have this recurring nightmare where I'm on stage, the lights are blinding, my palms are sweating like crazy, and I'm alone at the microphone. Then a booming voice says to me, "SPELL FLOCCINAUCCINIHILIPILIFICATION." (yes that is a real word!) Luckily adult spelling bees aren't as intense as the ones you remember from 4th grade. They're way more relaxed, more fun and you know, you can drink now, so that helps.

Words of Williams (part two of a twelve part series)

Faithful blog readers: I'm sure you've been sitting on the literal edge of your ergonomic seats since the first awe-inspiring Words of Williams column. I certainly have! Luckily, to quench your eager anticipation (and ease your lower back pain) old E.D. has telegraphed to me another beloved installment. If through some insane cosmic error you missed the first one, read this and return promptly. And so, without further hullabalo, I give you...