Interview with Anna Mitchael, author of “Just Don’t Call Me Ma’am”

Anna Mitchael is the debut author of Just Don't Call Me Ma'am: How I Ditched the South, Forgot My Manners, and Managed to Survive My Twenties with (Most of) My Dignity Still Intact. It's a very funny and engaging memoir about her southern upbringing, big city life and her never-ending quest for adventure. She'll be reading portions of the book and signing copies this Friday, April 2nd at 7PM.

David Corbett On March 31st: One Night, Two Events

David Corbett is one of those writers that other writers respect. His strong prose style, social awareness, and ability to give true humanity to those on society's fringe have many comparing him to Graham Greene and James Crumley. His books are also highly entertaining; peppered with realistic, humorous dialogue, and strong, cleanly described, plausible action scenes. On Wednesday, March 31st, BookPeople is lucky to have him for two events.

Get Lost with the Voyage Out Book Club

The Voyage Out Book Group meets monthly at BookPeople. We focus on a specific region for three months in an attempt to get a better understanding of that place. Bookish tourism. We’ve traveled many places over the past year and a half. Notably, we’ve ventured just up the road to the American South, went down to South America, and crossed an ocean to take a peak at Africa. Just finishing up our journey through India, we have set our sights for a new locale- Japan. So far the trip has been a fun one, and there are plenty of spaces available on the bus, so come and see what we’ll discover in Japan

Largehearted Boy Brunch, this Saturday (March 20th) at Noon

Attention all SXSW-ers: Need a pit stop between Friday's late-night showcase and Saturday's afternoon parking lot show?, a popular music and literature blog, is pleased to present a little SXSW style get-together this Saturday (March 20th) at noon on the second floor. The event will feature readings by authors Bill Cotter (of the excellent McSweeney's release Fever Chart), Jami Attenberg (The Melting Season) and Stephen Elliot (My Girlfriend Comes to the City and Beats Me Up).

Staff Review: The Lost Books of the Odyssey

The interpretation and translation of stories across boundaries and through time gives us some of our most dynamic books. Whether enjoying Ezra Pound’s and Kenneth Rexroth’s personalized translations of Chinese Poetry, or the interpretation of history in Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian, or the dystopic stories of Jhumpa Lahiri which cross continents and cultures on a whim, we don’t require that our reading choices be singular or original, in fact, it seems, we’d rather they weren’t.

Zombie Relay Day, this Saturday the 13th at 1PM

What will you do when the zombies come? Do you have a plan? If're woefully under-prepared for the coming zombie apocalypse; good luck avoiding those grunting, feet-shuffling, brain-hungry masses. In order to properly prepare for the coming of the undead, join us this Saturday, March 13th at 1PM for the first annual Zombie Relays. We'll have some backyard Olympic style events (like three-legged zombie races, jello-brain eating, simulated zombie head smashing) and a zombie make-over station provided by Scare for a Cure.